UnHackMe 7.90

UnHackMe was initially created as anti-rootkit software, but currently it eliminates all types of malicious software: redirecting, popup ads, potentially unwanted programs (PUP), unwanted processes, slow browsing, rootkits, trojans, spyware, keyloggers etc. The program uses its own database to detect what is better to remove from your PC. The important advantage of UnHackMe is that you can find an unknown malware by inspecting UnHackMe information.
Key features:

Scanning for "unwanted programs";
Checking for junk files, created by PUPs, adware, spyware;
Scanning of Windows startup, services, drivers;
Testing Windows shortcuts;
Scanning for rootkits;
Examining the browser's search settings;
Scanning the browser's add-ons;
Testing the hosts file and DNS settings;
Testing all used files on Virustotal.
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have a portable version

A portable version could check my other computer, too.
Pm, 05.01.2016, 21:38
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Improve the user interface

1) Remove the fix problems button, and substitute it with the detailed view 2) Fix the "Add to the ignore list": when I select all the items and add them to the ignore list, they'll reappear at the next scan
xilolee, 06.01.2016, 11:08